Q:  What is the difference in pricing per mix?

A:  Pricing is based on the amount of time covered by the entire mix.  Please visit our Pricing Page by clicking HERE.

Q:  How long doe it take to create a mix by MiXiM Productions?

A:  The Average Mix will take between 3-5 days (excluding weekends.)

Q:  Is your work completely custom, and licensed?

A:  Yes, all of our work is completely Custom, with Custom Voice Overs, Beats, and Sound Effects.

Q:  Will my music sound different that other teams music?

A:  With the exception of if you choose the same part of any given song, or lyrical section, your music will sound different than any other team.

Q:  How long will our music be licensed for?

A:  Every Mix is licensed for 1 year from the date of final payment.

Q:  Why is there a MiXiM Pro Voice Over in our music.

A:  The MiXiM Pro Voice Over is placed in the mix until the final payment is made.  Very similar to a watermark on a photo from a Professional Photographer.  The Voice Over will be removed, and your license will be given to you once you send the final payment.

Q:  What if I need to make edits to our music?

A:  One Edit, whether it is a song, or adding or removing (up to 5 sound effects) come with your original mix.  Pricing for additional edits can be found HERE.

Q:  How do we get in contact with you if we have any questions or concerns?

A:  You can contact MiXiM Pro through our Contact Us section which can be found HERE.

Q:  How do we begin the process of getting a mix from MiXiM Pro?

A:  Click on Register Button on the top right of the Home Page, or Click HERE. Please Remember that the system is based on a class structure, so you will register as a "class".  If you have any questions please contact us through our Contact Us section, or by clicking HERE.


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